Intfx Platform

The most popular decision for professional trading in the world

One terminal has the maximum opportunities for effective trading operations. More than 110 instruments for effective trading:

  • . 60 currency pairs on FOREX
  • . Index CFDs – 8 instruments
  • . Precious metals and energy resources

Making of transactions using mobile devices running on Android and iOS. Compatibility with the online library of the user indicators and Expert Advisers. Handy risk management: Trailing Stop, hedging strategy. Independent operations with several account simultaneously.

Intfx Platform

Light speed order executions

Now here is every trader’s nightmare or the moment before he/she clicks to place an order. Traders are constantly worried that their orders will be executed immediately or will they get a delay message or some different price. Whom to blame? Well they do not know.
We at intfx understand this quite well. That’s why we want to present our improved and turbo charged MT4 with a new technology that will execute the traders order in a split second at the trader’s order price. Our MT4 has been appreciated by all our clients and even by some of our competitors.
Trading through our platforms will eliminate this problem forever ensuring no slippage at all.

Intfx Platform

The intfx MT4 Desktop is designed for the active trader seeking comprehensive news and analytics, real-time charts and live quotes. It also contains packed suite of management tools, expert advisors and indicators.

Features & Requirements:

  • Full account management
  • Navigator Window
  • Analysis & Charting tools
  • Automated trading (Expert Advisor)
  • News feed & alerts
  • Account history report center
  • Order execution capabilities
  • One Click Trading
Intfx Platform

The MT4 Mobile trading platform enables you to trade securely anytime and anywhere on your mobile device with great features including built-in charts and technical indicators.
Available in more than 10 languages, the Metatrader 4 for Mobile platform gives you the power to trade via your mobile phone with the same capabilities available on the Liquid Markets MT4 platform.

Advantages of MT4 for Mobile:

  • Monitor live prices on Forex, metals and CFDs
  • Open and close instant and market orders (Stop Loss, TakeProfit)
  • Place, amend, and delete existing orders (BuyStop, SellStop, BuyLimit, SellLimit)
  • Monitor and manage open positions, equity and exposure
  • Support of Technical Indicators
  • View Financial Market News
  • Generate activity reports
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