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The online trading sector is growing exponentially as more and more people recognize the opportunity to profit – no matter how challenging the economic environment. Intfx offers partnership programs to fit every taste: for newbies and experienced partners, individuals and legal entities, financial companies and banks, money managers and investors.

The Flexible remuneration system along with a loyalty program allow partners to build up a steady source of income by actively promoting intfx services and landing new customers. Our highly professional managers will help you come up with the best partnership plan to maximize your partnership commissions.

We welcome you to check out our partnership programs such as

  • Affiliates
  • Business Introducers
  • Money managers
  • White labels
  • Regional offices
  • Partnership programs

The structure of partnership remuneration is flexible but simple and depends on the number of referring clients, as well as their trading volumes. The more clients there are and the more they trade, the higher yield you receive as a partner.

When partner with us you and customers will benefit many advantage like

  • Multi Platforms, back up by customer support, sales and retention.
  • Sound risk management policies and tools.
  • Advanced and innovative marketing strategies that help you to generate more traffic and convert more clients.
  • Flexible commission structures, Revenue shares or customized structures.

  • Dedicated account managers to assist you.
  • Options for tailor made solutions.
  • Access customized marketing materials.
  • Easy and quick withdrawal options.

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